Learning to copy movies from DVD

His appearance DVD format has opened the way for disks with a capacity that allows to record video on the entire disk, with stunning image quality (both conventional and widescreen), with multi-channel digital or analog audio with subtitles in several languages ​​and the new concept of video viewing scenes, filmed by several cameras. As computer applications, DVD enables the development of qualitatively new, more realistic programs with full-screen high-quality video, 3D animation and multi-channel audio. A single-layer DVD-ROM can hold up to 133 minutes of video, followed by a high-quality multi-channel audio in Dolby AC-3 format. The two-layer, single-sided disc can contain recording videos for a total of about 4 hours.

And because DVD is an optical disc, you will also get the opportunity to access any video sequence almost instantly, you can play back movies from the disc numerous times without losing image quality and without damage to the disc.
Most of DVD dual-layer film (such as two discs one to the other), their amounts ranging from 4.7 to 9.4 GB in while recordable DVD discs with a capacity of only one-layer 4.7 GB. So we'll have to use a special program to compress the movie to fit it onto a single disc.

The first program, which we consider, - DVD-Shrink. We will use the DVD-Shrink, to bypass the DVD copy protection, then the program will help us to compress the movie to 4.7GB for DVD recording. Why I chose the DVD-Shrink? While the majority of similar programs has any one denomination, DVD-Shrink combines and good speed, and performance, and ease of interface. In addition, this program allows you to copy protected discs. And the last reason - it's free. Version DVD-Shrink, existing at the moment, it is marked as beta, so if you encounter when working with some errors, please notify the DVD-Shrink official forum.

Copy to DVD
There are many different programs to burn a DVD, for example, the Nero popular, but for a beginner Copy to DVD - in my opinion, the best option. The program allows you to adjust absolutely all important parameters, all you need to do - a few mouse clicks. Although it is a commercial product, but it is worth the money that you give him.

A few words about the recording devices
Select a device to burn a DVD in any case will fall on your shoulders. Let's try to understand the differences between them. There are only two formats, and accordingly, the type of device: DVD + R / RW and DVD-R / RW. Format "-" there was before, and for some time was the only one. format was introduced later "+", containing a number of technical improvements. There are also combined devices that can work with discs of both formats, but they are very expensive. If you can not afford the combined device, choose DVD + R / RW for its reliability, moreover, the net format discs "+" are more common. There are a number of important factors that may affect your choice. Your home DVD player plays DVD-R / RW or DVD + R / RW. If you are playing only DVD-R / RW discs, the solution suggests itself.

Our familiarity with the DVD will consist of several parts:
Overview DVD-Shrink
Walk through the menus and functions available to get familiar with the program.
Copy only DVD Shrink Film
Create a copy of the film, removing all the extras and menus, but not changing the film itself (for movies with a volume of 5-6 GB).
Step by step guide to creating a DVD copy of the film with the help of DVD-Shrick program
Create a copy of the film, removing all the extras and menus, change the film so that no losses occurred as. These actions need to be done if the movie is a large size of 7-8 GB.
Burn a DVD
Recordable disc in Copy to DVD programs and Nero 6.
Overview DVD-Shrink
Let's start with the main window: a simple interface that is easy to understand.

Here are the main tools:

Open Disk: Opens the disc with a DVD film.
Open Files: If you have already copied the movie to the hard drive, then this command, you can open the copied files.
Analysis: The analysis, which according to the authors of DVD-Shrink "ensures that the compression of the film will be successful, and he will have a predetermined size."
DVD Shrink 3.0 compression at the maximum level reached nearly the same results, as well as version 2.3. In the program there are flexible options for regulation. Options analysis generally help to improve the quality of the copies.
Backup: DVD-Shrink performs transcoding video and write it to the hard disk.
Re-author: Operations on fragments of the film (insert into the copy or not).
Start / End: Set bookmarks to mark the start and end of the film.

In the following illustration you see the program settings menu (Edit-Preferences). Here there are basic settings, including Macrovision off and Prohibited User Operations, DVD disk size. However, the standard size of the disk is already installed. The only thing that you need to change: it is necessary to switch off the automatic view files, deselect the square "Play video preview whenever selection changes" and click Ok.

Can such a situation, when specifying when the full capacity of the disc, a compressed file of the same size will not fit on the media. In this case, select Custom Size and enter a number smaller than the container prepared, for example, 4300 MB.

Now one of the most important parts of the optimization of compression. The first thing to understand - what is the compression ratio in the DVD-Shrink. 100% - no compression, and the smaller the value, the better the movie is compressed, but the worse the quality of the video. Always remember this.

You can see that a very large uncompressed movie:

With automatic compression mode, the program determines the best settings itself.

If you select Ratio, you can manually set the compression level.

You can see that the best compression ratio in Still Pictures, but the result with such compression can not even be called a film.

Copy only DVD Shrink Film
In this tutorial, consider copying the movie to DVD disc without any changes, except for the removal of all the add-ons.