Stimulator of the brain as a medical term

The term "brain stimulator" can be used in a different context. In medicine, it made more narrow concept of "stimulants" - drugs to enhance concentration, physical and mental activity, to overcome sleepiness. Among the drugs sold in pharmacies for those include caffeine, and phenylpiracetam bromantane. These drugs cause a sufficiently rapid activation, but only cause the body to use all available resources without replenishing them. In this connection, it is recommended to take stimulants under medical supervision and strict conditions.

Learning to copy movies from DVD

The first program, which we consider, - DVD-Shrink. We will use the DVD-Shrink, to bypass the DVD copy protection, then the program will help us to compress the movie to 4.7GB for DVD recording. Why I chose the DVD-Shrink? While the majority of similar programs has any one denomination, DVD-Shrink combines and good speed, and performance, and ease of interface. In addition, this program allows you to copy protected discs. And the last reason - it's free. Version DVD-Shrink, existing at the moment, it is marked as beta, so if you encounter when working with some errors, please notify the DVD-Shrink official forum.

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New online casino. Ranking of online casinos.

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Place bets to DOTA 2 on

It is unlikely that in 2003, one would have thought that a common scenario for the Warcraft 3 will not only be the world masterpiece, but the main progenitor of MOBA genre in the gaming industry. Today Dota 2 was not just a game, but a real eSports discipline. Its financial momentum and prize pools have long been surpassed many Olympic sports.